Bingo Luau

Bingo With Bingo Luau!

Die hard fanatics of the game will be the first to tell you that bingo is really one of the most fascinating and addictive free casino game that offers free cash when you start. Sure it doesn’t have the instant pulse quickening appeal of the other faster paced casino games, but once the action gets off the ground, you can be sure that you will be in for a good time!

Now you can take all the best qualities of bingo and add even more chances to win, receive tokens, and generally just enhance the entire bingo experience, with Bingo Luau. Bingo Luau is a free bingo game from those hard working purveyors of casino games, Combining the bingo that you know and love so well with the inimitable tropical feel of Hawaii, Pogo appears to have another winner on its hands.

One of Bingo Luau’s best features is the “Extra Ball”? which causes five more balls to be drawn every time a player calls “Bingo!”? The game also features a “Team Bonus”? where players can win bonus tokens when they call “Bingo!”? with the popular card. You can also earn a bonus by predicting when the B1 ball will be called.

With Bingo Luau, casino games just became more fun-filled and exciting!